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    Find delicious recipes for apple loaf cakes, a perfect and easy way to celebrate apples when in season. We have cinnamon spiced apple loaf cakes, chocolate apple loaf cakes and lots more.

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    A light loaf cake recipe, perfect with a cup of tea or coffee in the afternoons. Also a great lunchbox filler. As you can see from the picture, my family tucked into mine before I had a chance to take a picture of it whole!

    Recipe by: HannahBonBonDunn

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    Chunks of apple and chocolate go together surprisingly well in this moist loaf cake. All my friends love it, even those who don't normally like cakes with fruit in!

    Recipe by: nams

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    I love using local British apples in this easy peasy loaf cake. I chop the apple into rather small bits, but you can leave it chunky, too. If you use tart apples, you may want to increase the sugar by 25 to 50g.

    Recipe by: Emily

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    My daughter and I thought this up when we wanted to make a chocolate cake but had apples to use up. It turned out to be a very yummy chocolate cake which is moist because of the grated apple and gooey because of the chocolate chips!

    Recipe by: Nikimummy13

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    People don't usually think of apple and chocolate, but this unique apple cake recipe is very moist and rich. I have also made it in loaf tins, and given it away for Christmas gifts.

    Recipe by: v monte

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    A humble apple and blueberry loaf cake, glazed with warm apricot jam. A gorgeous accompaniment to afternoon tea, still warm from the oven.

    Recipe by: hannahrose

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    This is a great apple loaf cake to make when you have an abundance of apples. Made with your choice of spelt flour or plain flour (or a mixture), it's dense, moist, fruity and lightly spiced with cloves and cinnamon.

    Recipe by: Marianne

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    This is a really moist banana and walnut bread. It's made even more delicious with a chunky apple and cinnamon crumble topping.

    Recipe by: afcouwen

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    Using unsweetened apple sauce gives this Christmas cake moisture and a natural sweetness. Garnish this naturally sweetened cake with desiccated coconut and toasted chopped walnuts instead of icing.

    Recipe by: vegmonster

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    I've tried a few variations of this loaf and this is my favourite way to make it. The apples are cooked to soften before adding them to the cake mix.

    Recipe by: JazzyElizabethCoxington

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