Chocolate chip loaf cake

Need your chocolate fix in a flash? Bake a quick chocolate chip loaf cake and you'll be enjoying a slice with a cuppa in no time!

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This is the perfect chocolate loaf cake. It is of course, very chocolatey, very moist, very rich and very versatile - perfect! We enjoy this cake for breakfast with coffee, after lunch, and after dinner - perfect any time!

Recipe by: geneviever

10 reviews

So chocolaty! Eat warm and eat some more! Just finish the whole loaf and no need to share with anyone!

Recipe by: BrianCaffin

7 reviews

Chunks of apple and chocolate go together surprisingly well in this moist loaf cake. All my friends love it, even those who don't normally like cakes with fruit in!

Recipe by: nams

6 reviews

This was my first attempt at a fruity loaf, so I was a tad apprehensive before I started this recipe. But as a novice, I have to say it is the easiest recipe I have ever used. Perfect for a beginner! The resulting loaf is fruity, moist and sweet with a lovely unexpected tang from the lemon drizzle. It's so good my dad even recommends it and he NEVER recommends my baking (usually too sweet for him)! Give it a go and enjoy.

Recipe by: jodyfrankis

16 reviews

Tasty chocolate chip loaf cake. This cake features double the chocolate - it's a chocolate cake studded with chocolate chips.

Recipe by: SloeWolf

4 reviews

This chocolate chip loaf cake recipe is a keeper and has been in our family for years. This recipe makes one large moist loaf cake, so just perfect for feeding about ten of your friends and family members.

Recipe by: Bethan

2 reviews

Forget messing about with multiple bowls and more washing up later. This banana loaf cake is studded with chocolate chips and takes literally 10 minutes to prepare before going in the oven. You'll bake this often once you see how easy it is!

Recipe by: VAL_51

9 reviews

This chocolate chip cake is more delicious when eaten warm, ideally 20 minutes after leaving the oven!

Recipe by: Anais

1 review

This is a simple cake with many uses. It is a perfect tea time treat and also good for a sweet quick dunk in morning coffee. If it lasts for more than 3 days, you can recycle it as a pudding by soaking it in with a red fruit compote and topping it with whipped cream. Use the yoghurt container as a measuring unit.

Recipe by: Viola Buitoni

1 review

This lovely chocolate chip date loaf is moist and flavourful. Great served with some coffee in the morning or indeed for afternoon tea.

Recipe by: Caroline

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