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    From steamed clams to clam chowder, we have recipes that make it easy to enjoy this delicious mollusk!


    Clam chowder
    Clam chowder   (12)

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    So simple, but so good - steamed clams served in their own liqueur. Serve with a crusty baguette, or over pasta.

    Recipe by: Scott Ure

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    Serve this delectable dish with a fresh, warm loaf of crusty bread for mopping up all the delicious sauce. Use Spanish chorizo if you can't find the Portuguese chouriço.

    Recipe by: Star Pooley

    17 reviews

    Makes a tasty sauce that's great over spaghetti or linguine. Be sure to have crusty bread on hand to soak up every last drop!

    Recipe by: Michele O'Sullivan

    21 reviews

    An traditional Portuguese pork and clam dish from the Algarve region of Portugal. Serve with chips or crusty bread.

    Recipe by: John Pacheco

    163 reviews

    A deliciously creamy soup, which is hearty enough to be served as a main course. Bacon is simmered with clams in a creamy potato soup base. Serve with crusty fresh bread. Perfect to keep you warm during the cold winter months.

    Recipe by: CHIEF2

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