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    This is a light summery pasta salad that I love because the flavours go so well together. Lemon juice and a drizzle of good olive oil finish everything off nicely. It does taste best when chilled for 1 or 2 hours.

    Recipe by: Myra

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    This elegant yet simple salad is lovely as a complement to a main course or on its own.

    Recipe by: ABLOOM

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    This is a fresh salad with a light dressing inspired by Mediterranean and Asian flavours.


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    I served this for a party and it was a BIG hit! It tastes better if marinated for at least 24 hours.

    Recipe by: RUBY-MAMA

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    This is a fantastically simple salad. Serve as a starter with great success.

    Recipe by: Relish

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    Served here on soba noodles, this vegan asparagus salad is bursting with Asian flavours, proteins and iron. Asparagus and peanuts are an unusual combination yet they work together perfectly.

    Recipe by: TheFlexitarian

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    Roasted asparagus with cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and lettuce makes a salad that's so flavourful you don't even need a dressing.

    Recipe by: pbutler

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    This salad will give you a clear conscience as it is filled with fruits, green veg, vitamins... and pine nuts! A delight ...

    Recipe by: Anizou

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    This vegan, gluten-free lunch bowl with red quinoa, crunchy asparagus, lemon and nutritional yeast is the perfect lunch or dinner recipe to help you get a great dose of veggies with added flavour and nutrients.

    Recipe by: Balanced Babe

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    This warm salad simply combines stir-fried asparagus and garlic with hard-boiled eggs for an easy and delicious dish.

    Recipe by: Kelly Yu

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