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    Find loads of hearty beef soup recipes, including beef noodle soup, beef vegetable soup and more. Also find recipes for homemade beef stock to ensure all of your beef soups are naturally delicious.

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    This soup is native to Nigeria and many of my British as well as Nigerian friends have enjoyed it. It is a great soup for those who like to try something different every once in a while. Ground egusi seeds give this soup a unique colour and flavour. If you can't find egusi seeds, you can substitute pumpkin seeds. Any combination of crab, prawns and smoked fish can be used in place of the prawns.

    Recipe by: Karena

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    This soup is delicious, hearty and packed full of flavour. Beef is pan-seared, then popped into a slow cooker with beef stock, vegetables, parsley and pearl barley. Enjoy this soup during the cold winter months.

    Recipe by: HCHImCBb

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    This cheering, main meal soup is sure to appeal to the heartiest of appetites. Lean pieces of beef are simmered slowly in a rich, spicy tomato and red pepper broth that's studded with golden sweetcorn and creamy butter beans. Serve with warm tortillas to complete the meal.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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    This hearty vegetable soup makes a large quantity, making it perfect for freezing. You can also add leftover roast beef from your Sunday roast to give it extra heartiness. Substitute chicken or vegetable stock for the beef stock if desired. Serve with thick slices of granary bread for an easy and satisfying meal.

    Recipe by: Lalena

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    This takes some time, but is well worth the effort. I use a food processor. It is a hearty soup, great on a cold winter night. Serve hot, topped with soured cream.

    Recipe by: Marge

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    This rich meal-in-a-bowl combines beef with vegetables and dumplings and the three essential ingredients of an authentic goulash – paprika, onions and caraway seeds. Serve with boiled or steamed potatoes.

    Recipe by: Azmina Govindji

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    Meaty beef soup bones are combined with vegetables, barley and loads of garlic in this easy-to-prepare soup. Just give it 8 hours to cook in a slow cooker.

    Recipe by: Martha Dibblee

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    This soup is the perfect winter soup to be enjoyed any time of the year. It's quick and easy to make, spicy, low fat, satisfyingly rich and hearty. This recipe makes four decent bowls... or in our house two bowls per person. Each bowl of soup is approximately 250 calories and will furnish you with at least 2 portions of fruit and vegetables. Beef mince is simmered with kidney beans, onions and peppers in a spicy tomato soup base.

    Recipe by: honeyandspice

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    This traditional recipe is derived from the local farming community of Cardiganshire (Ceredigion). There are regional variations throughout Wales as to what meat is used; some use pork or mutton, but we use shin beef. The quantities used here are based on my own requirements for two to three days, as this soup is one that improves on subsequent re-heating. Serve with lightly buttered bread and a good mature Cheddar cheese.

    Recipe by: Beryl Davies

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    A thick, delicious and winter warming soup. Stewing steak is cooked in a slow cooker with passata and pearl barley. Serve with grated cheese and a crusty bread roll.

    Recipe by: RUSTEE

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