Birthday cakes for boys

Surprise that little boy in your life with a birthday cake he'll go nuts for. Try our Minecraft cake, football cake and more.

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Amazing to look at and even better to eat!

Recipe by: BigIssueInTheNorth

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I used a sphere cake tin to create a cake in the shape of a giant Malteser®. It is quite the crowd pleaser.

Recipe by: jazzcurzon

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This colourful spongecake is sure to delight. Six different colours of cake batter are mixed together to create this rainbow cake. You can also use this recipe to make cupcakes. Top with your favourite frosting.

Recipe by: lovestohost

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Learn how to make a real Minecraft cake with this easy - and delicious! - recipe. This two-layer chocolate cake is easy to decorate for your favourite Minecraft fan!

Recipe by: Magda

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This delicious vanilla flavoured Madeira cake, decorated to look like a lion, is very popular with little children.

Recipe by: becki_is_cooking_cookies

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A six-layer rainbow cake covered in fluffy white buttercream is sure to garner loads of oohs and ahhs the moment you cut that first slice! Paste food colourings work best, but you can use liquid or gel colouring, too. Best part? The cakes take just 15 to 20 minutes to bake and cool quickly, since they're so thin.

Recipe by: amy

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This is a wonderful cake that the kids will love. It's sweet, crispy, crunchy and chewy. Popcorn is tossed with jelly tots, peanuts, melted marshmallows and butter, then allowed to set. It's the perfect cake for children's birthday parties.

Recipe by: AUTUMN/FALL

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This football cake is perfect for a kid's birthday cake or to enjoy after winning a match! Use your favourite cake recipe for the appropriate size of your football cake mould. You can also use a cake mix if you're in a rush!

Recipe by: Allrecipes

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These cupcakes are always a hit at kids' birthdays - the kids go crazy for them. The lime jelly combines with cream to make a heavenly filling. You can then get creative making the frogs' faces. Some great tools to use are white marshmallows and black decorating icing for the eyes.

Recipe by: jenniferb

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The faces of jungle animals and family pets can be created from rolled out marzipan or sugarpaste icing. If you're not a proficient artist, use children's books, greeting cards and cartoons as inspiration and trace outlines on to greaseproof paper to use as a guide when cutting out the pieces.

Recipe by: Wendy Sweetser

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