Gluten free pancakes (34)

    Just because you're gluten free doesn't mean you have to miss out on delicious pancakes. We've loads of wheat free and gluten free pancake recipes to try for Pancake Day or any day!

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    After trying many of the gluten free pancake recipes out there, I discovered that most of them are just too 'eggy' or include bananas in the recipe. A lot of the recipes resulted in pancakes that were too flat and broke apart when flipping. I wanted a gluten free recipe that actually tasted like delicious and fluffy pancakes! After much experimentation with recipes, I finally came up with this one.

    Recipe by: Craig Miceli

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    So these really were something of a revelation when I discovered them a couple of years ago. They're dairy-free, gluten-free, flourless, low-calorie and, of course, 100% natural - no horrible refined sugar! They're honestly so, so easy to make, although it did take me a few goes to get them just right; the first couple of times, I just ended up with a pan covered in brown-y mush. Yum. I find that the longer you beat the batter for, the better (and by "better", I mean thicker, fluffier, yummier pancakes).

    Recipe by: marthajosephine

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    A light fluffy pancake, that is suitable for vegans and allergy sufferers. Gluten free flour is available in most supermarkets now. Add whatever you want to these, blueberries, choc chips, walnuts, or sprinkle with fruit and agave nectar.

    Recipe by: playtime

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    Gluten free, dairy-free, high protein, no added sugar banana pancakes! I had tried other banana pancake recipes and found them all too mushy and difficult to flip over. So I adjusted and combined a few recipes until I reached this one. The pancakes are light and puffy, like traditional pancakes, and kids love the banana flavour.

    Recipe by: greaterexp3

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    Theres nothing quite like fresh pancakes in the morning, especially now its getting colder. These pancakes however are grain, wheat and dairy free, so you can enjoy them without the guilt or the bloat. I LOVE bananas due to them providing such high doses of potassium, vitamin C and manganese to the body. They also provide a great source of dietary fibre keeping your digestion on track. So simple this recipe is held together by some delicious free range eggs to load your body with protein and amino acids that will keep a bounce in your step all day long.

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