Banana pancakes

    Whether you are looking for gluten free banana pancakes, or a fun twist on traditional pancakes or simply new ways to use up ripe bananas - you'll find lots of different banana pancakes recipes to try here!

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    I love banana pancakes and my daughter loves chocolate chip pancakes, so we came up with this yummy recipe to make us both happy!

    Recipe by: crazycatlady

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    This is actually more of a thick pancake than a frittata but that's what we call it in our house! Children will love this for breakfast or dessert. You can also try making this with apples instead of bananas.

    Recipe by: Nausheen Khan

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    Theres nothing quite like fresh pancakes in the morning, especially now its getting colder. These pancakes however are grain, wheat and dairy free, so you can enjoy them without the guilt or the bloat. I LOVE bananas due to them providing such high doses of potassium, vitamin C and manganese to the body. They also provide a great source of dietary fibre keeping your digestion on track. So simple this recipe is held together by some delicious free range eggs to load your body with protein and amino acids that will keep a bounce in your step all day long.

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    Gluten free, dairy-free, high protein, no added sugar banana pancakes! I had tried other banana pancake recipes and found them all too mushy and difficult to flip over. So I adjusted and combined a few recipes until I reached this one. The pancakes are light and puffy, like traditional pancakes, and kids love the banana flavour.

    Recipe by: greaterexp3

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    A great breakfast or brunch recipe for using up ripe bananas that kids of all ages enjoy. The recipe is in millilitres for ease - don't use 200g of flour otherwise the pancakes will be too dense and claggy. Investing in a Scandinavian-type cast iron pancake pan with the individual indentations is a good idea.

    Recipe by: LorraineMargaret

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    These pancakes are really tasty, contain absolutely no sugar and can be enjoyed on their own so there is no need for topping - but if you want a treat they are lovely with some homemade toffee sauce!

    Recipe by: AnnaCuninghame

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    Super quick and easy vegan banana pancakes. I mash the bananas with a fork so the mixture is extra thick for super doughy pancakes, but mash with a potato masher or even in a food processor for a smoother mix. Tastes fab with vegan chocolate spread - I use Plamil® chocolate spread.

    Recipe by: SophieHarper

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    These pancakes are thick, like a drop scone, and wonderfully light and fluffy. They can be left plain, but adding fruit, such as sliced banana, makes them infinitely more exciting, and more nutritious too. Here they are served with cinnamon-spiced yoghurt and a drizzle of honey. Serve straight from the pan, to enjoy at their best.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    A basic whole-grain pancake. We also like to change it up a bit by adding 8 tablespoons apple puree or sauce and 1 1/2 teaspoons of cinnamon instead of the banana.

    Recipe by: amom2boys

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    The perfect recipe for creating pancakes that taste great and are also packed with protein making them perfect to slip into your diet for after the gym!

    Recipe by: esmithvl

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