Turmeric can be used fresh as a root, much like ginger, or more commonly in its dried, powdered form. A staple in curries and rice dishes, turmeric is finding its way into more and more recipes, in part thanks to its status as having anti-inflammatory and health benefits.

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    A colourful mixture of rice and flavourings makes a perfect background to any curry.

    Recipe by: Brenda Houghton

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    This is extremely spicy dish and very popular in South East Asia, especially in Singapore, Malaysia and the Phillipines. There are many variations to this traditional dish, and I'll try to be as close to the real thing as I can with my version. Don't worry, you can easily get the ingredients at any Asian supermarket. Serve with white rice and a big smile.

    Recipe by: FAIQAH

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    This tangy, sour rice is easy to make and one of my favourites. It's long grain rice spiced with mustard seed, cumin seed, fresh curry leaves, turmeric, tamarind and lime for something delightfully different!

    Recipe by: sree

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    Turmeric is baked into a yoghurt-enriched sponge for a healthy take on cake! Turmeric's anti-inflammatory properties make it a popular addition to smoothies and drinks, but why not add it to your baking repertoire, too? The result is gorgeous to look at and to eat!

    Recipe by: Chantal

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    On a recent trip to Bali, my Balinese stepmother, Putu, let me help her prepare chicken - and I furiously committed her 'non-recipe' to memory to bring home. She has a big mortar and pestle for this kind of thing; I don't, so I end up using both sides of my meat mallet; you just want to get the ingredients well combined and at least somewhat reduced in mass. And since they're baked, not deep-fried, they're a (relatively) healthy pile of wings! I particularly like them with roasted sweet potatoes.

    Recipe by: CHEYENNIGANS

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    This Indian-inspired chickpea curry is a hearty vegan main dish. Use 2 teaspoons freshly grated ginger for the ground ginger if preferred.

    Recipe by: Noahsmommy

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    This soup combines roasted cauliflower, onion and garlic with curry powder, cayenne pepper and turmeric. Perfect for taking the chill out of those cold winter nights.

    Recipe by: Allyson

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    This liquorice-flavoured Lebanese cake is a beautiful golden colour because of turmeric powder. Top each portion of cake with a pine nut before baking.

    Recipe by: LauraF

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    Gkai kamin is a very popular Southern Thai style dish. It's delicious, simple and super-easy to prepare. It goes well with rice, but better with a fresh papaya salad.

    Recipe by: Add Lim

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    This quick and easy recipe combines chicken, sweet potato, aubergine, ginger and turmeric into a colourful spicy stew.

    Recipe by: Stephanie

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