Aniseed is an underrated spice, often playing a supporting role in recipes for sausages, bread and biscuits. Find recipes that showcase anise flavour here.

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    This is an old German recipe for aniseed flavoured biscuits which belonged to my mother-in-law. I've been baking these for the years at Christmas! Look for a springerle rolling pin in antique or specialty shops.

    Recipe by: Rosemarie Magee

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    This is a version of the bread that is made for All Soul's Day on November 2, known as the Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in Mexico. You can also mould the bread into different shapes, such as angels and animals.

    Recipe by: Lola

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    These crunchy biscuits are perfect with tea or coffee for a low fat afternoon treat.

    Recipe by: Debbi

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    An aromatic and authentic Jamaican curry powder without chilli, which should be added separately to any dish. For authentic Jamaican flavour, Scotch Bonnet chillies are typically added to most spicy recipes. You can also use ground versions of any of the spices here, but for better flavour start with whole.

    Recipe by: Monty

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    Make your Italian sausagemeat with this recipe that's bursting with flavour. Use to make delicious pasta sauces, top pizza, flavour soups, in sausage rolls or to fill stuffed peppers. An Italian friend of mine had an Italian restaurant and used this recipe for over 30 years.

    Recipe by: Jim Wyllie

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    Minced pork is seasoned with a herb and spice blend, then sauteed. Use as a pizza topping, in pasta sauces or anything you fancy. The mix is freezer friendly.

    Recipe by: Lee Fogle

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    Use this aromatic blend of warm spices in my Speculaas apple cake, also on this site. A favourite in many Dutch treats, including Speculaas biscuits.

    Recipe by: MartijnvanSabben

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    A traditional Italian dish of beef rolled, slow cooked in a luscious tomato sauce. You need a bit of patience, but it is actually an easy dish to prepare. Serve with polenta or mashed potatoes, or use the sauce to toss with pasta.

    Recipe by: Lee

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    A workmate of mine from Bangalore taught me how to make this spicy tikka masala from scratch. He normally makes it with mutton. It's not quite the same as the one you're used to from a takeaway but it still tastes gorgeous (and is very low in fat). It's really not that hard to make. If you have a food processor, it does most of the work.

    Recipe by: dannyboy

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    Dainty little biscuits flavoured with aniseed extract. Drizzle a simple anise flavoured icing on top to finish them off.

    Recipe by: Heather

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