Pak choi (33)

    Pak choi, also called bok choi or bok choy, is a variety of cabbage popular in Chinese cuisine. Try it stir-fried or in salads, or even in noodle soups.

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    Stir-fried pak choi, shiitake mushrooms, ginger and garlic are tossed with an oyster sauce and rice wine mixture.

    Recipe by: RuthE

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    This is simple and delicious way of getting more omega-3 fatty acids into your diet. Tuna is pan-seared, then topped with stir-fried baby pak choi. Serve with rice, if desired.

    Recipe by: Patmatrix

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    For a lively midweek meal, try these little meat patties and vegetables, with typical aromatic Thai flavourings of green curry and lemongrass. Serve with coconut rice (on this website).

    Recipe by: Jan Cutler

    86 reviews

    A delicious and healthy vegetarian dish of pak choi and portobello mushrooms served with a Chinese sauce.

    Recipe by: Jade Blue

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    A superb vegetable side dish to serve at your next BBQ. Pak choi is brushed with a seasoned butter mix, then barbecued to perfection. The leaves are perfect with burgers, steaks and even hot dogs.

    Recipe by: NomNomDelicious

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