Cantaloupe recipes (37)

    Try adding chunks of sweet cantaloupe melon to elevate salsa or fruit salads. Or stay true to tradition and serve cantaloupe melon with prosciutto for a colourful summer starter. We have recipes for chilled cantaloupe melon and coconut soup, cantaloupe smoothies and ice pops, too!

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    A very refreshing fruit soup, served chilled. Great for lunchtime parties. Garnish with mint if desired.

    Recipe by: akhowell

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    This classic, easy summer recipe features juicy cantaloupe and salty Italian prosciutto ham. Just cut the cantaloupe into bite-size pieces, wrap them with good quality prosciutto and spear them on cocktail sticks for a colourful starter!

    Recipe by: SunFlower

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    This is a fun fruit dessert for children if you need ideas for a first birthday or christening party.

    Recipe by: Anita

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    Chunks of cantaloupe melon are threaded onto wooden skewers and brushed with honey butter and chopped mint. Serve it with big scoops of vanilla ice cream.

    Recipe by: Lol

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    Cantaloupe and raspberries are blended with yoghurt. This is perfect for when cantaloupe is in season. Try it with any other berry in place of the raspberries!

    Recipe by: Penny

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