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    Creme brulee is a rich custard-based dessert with a crunchy caramelised sugar top. Find foolproof recipes for slow cooker creme brulee, white chocolate creme brulee, vegan creme brulee and lots more.

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    Classic crème brûlée is fabulous, but for something different this version is hard to beat. It's a classic crème brûlée, except for the delectable addition of Irish cream. A lovely make-ahead dessert for a dinner party, since they can sit in the fridge for hours until you caramelise the sugar on top just before serving.

    Recipe by: Grace Gutberlet

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    Classic crème brûlée, though time consuming, is easy to make and sure to impress! If you prefer to eat it cold, you can chill the crème brûlée after grilling it. The top will remain crunchy.

    Recipe by: EC3KFNW

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    This is my take on the classic French dessert creme. You don't need a hand torch for this, as you can caramelise the sugar under the grill.

    Recipe by: hisacke

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    This is an easy peasy dessert to prepare and is simply delicious. It isn't your typical brulee - it is almost like a fool, but the top has that crunchy, caramelised effect. It's best made with local strawberries when in season.

    Recipe by: Jonathan

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    Many customers do agree, that this is better than any in France. Do try it! It also keeps for 3 or 4 days, but is usually not around for that long.

    Recipe by: tayeberry

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    A tart compote of rhubarb makes a nice contrast to the rich custard here. While there is no way to completely streamline a crème brûlée, this special occasion treat is lightened by the fruit and has reduced amounts of cream and egg yolk, yet still retains its rich indulgent nature.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    Rich and creamy custard with a crisp, golden caramelised topping is always popular, and makes a delightful dish for entertaining.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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    This is basically a peanut flavoured cream thickened with egg yolks and then set into a ramekin on top of some jam. Tony, one of the Wedgwood chefs, suggested sprinkling on some toasted crushed peanuts at the end to create extra crunch, which I thought was a great idea. The result is excellent.

    Recipe by: grubdaily

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    This elegant dessert is the perfect end to any meal. It's easy to make and tastes fantastic. A rich, creamy egg custard is served with a brittle caramel topping.

    Recipe by: Carrie

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    So easy to make, all my family and friends love it, I have made it with other fruit but have found that you cannot beat that lovely raspberry flavour.

    Recipe by: LottieLott

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