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    This is a great dish, packed full of flavour. Chicken is cooked on a griddle and served with a spiced yogurt dip. So it's healthy too!

    Recipe by: Jenowuk

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    Warm North African spices add a tangy flavour to eggs nestled in a bed of colourful Mediterranean vegetables. Crusty bread is all you need to complete this deliciously easy meal. Delicious!

    Recipe by: Jan Cutler

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    This soup is very easy to make, it is nutritious and not as spicy as we can think! The cumin gives it a wonderful taste and the harissa a beautiful red colour. You can serve this soup with a green salad and fresh bread. Can be served as a one dish meal.

    Recipe by: Valeriel

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    I love harissa, but the stuff you can buy in the shops just doesn't compare to the real stuff. I experimented for a while until I came to this recipe, which I believe can compete with the Tunisian original. It can keep for several weeks in the refrigerator.

    Recipe by: friederike

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    These dainty pastry parcels are traditionally made with a special pastry called malsouka and deep-fried, but baked filo pastry gives very good results and is much lower in fat. With a tomato and cucumber salad, and some fruit chutney alongside, they make a really delicious lunch.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    Making your own harissa paste is so easy and tastes better than supermarket own version by miles. This accompanies my Moroccan meatball feast and harissa chicken recipes. I use fresh red chillies rather than dried ones as they are less pungent and don't over power the other flavours.

    Recipe by: MichelleTownhill

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    A traditional Tunisian dish made from cooking chicken and eggs. You can add more vegetables if you wish and use any meat of your choice, including chicken, lamb or even liver.

    Recipe by: Asma Khalfaoui

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    A fast-food type Tunisian dish that my husband taught me how to make. It's very simple and yet delicious. Serve warm with bread.

    Recipe by: snowfairy

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    This is a popular Tunisian condiment. It's a homemade spicy chilli pepper paste that is sure to add an extra kick to just about anything and it is widely use in Tunisian cuisine. I add it to anything I want to spice up; in my home we use this just about everyday!

    Recipe by: Asma Khalfaoui

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    This salad made with roasted red and green peppers, chilli, tomatoes and spices. It is very popular in both Algeria (where it is called 'felfel b’tomatich') and in Tunisia (where it is known as 'Mechouia'). The peppers are roasted in the oven or cooked on the barbecue to give the salad a unique flavour.

    Recipe by: chouchou65

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