Greek Easter (22)

    Greek Orthodox Easter is a day for feasting after a traditional 40-day fast. Find loads of festive Greek Easter recipes, including traditional the Greek Easter bread tsoureki, buttery koulourakia biscuits, roast lamb, and more.

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    Tsoureki, the traditional Greek Easter bread, has a wonderful flavour and aroma that comes from using two spices – mastic and mahleb. The bread is traditionally shaped into braids either as a loaf or into a wreath. Sometimes the red-dyed, hard-boiled eggs are placed onto the bread – the dye symbolising the blood of Christ and the egg itself symbolising new life. The dough requires two risings so make sure you leave plenty of time before they are needed. Greek Easter falls this Sunday and we hope to be heading into London to meet up with family for the service and a big family picnic. If you're wondering why the Greek Easter falls on a different day, it's down to it following the Julian calendar rather than the Gregorian.

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    This is a lovely cool, refreshing Greek tzatziki dip that I first tasted and fell in love with in the Greek Islands. It is lovely with hot toasted pitta bread and veggies or lamb kebabs! The key is strain the liquid from the cucumber very well so the dip stays creamy and not watery and to ALWAYS use thick, full fat Greek yoghurt. Low fat versions won't cut it. Enjoy!

    Recipe by: kookinkitten

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    These all butter biscuits are traditionally made in Greece round Easter. I like them any time of year, and also make them at Christmas. They're delicious dunked in coffee - as is done in Greece!

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    This Greek meze is perfect for entertaining, and the pastry could not be easier to make. Serve as a nibble or starter, and enjoy the leftovers for weeks to come - they freeze well after they're baked. Just defrost and pop them in a warm oven, and you'll think they're freshly baked.

    Recipe by: Diana

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    Lamb shoulder is slow roasted to perfection with irresistible Greek flavours of citrus and oregano. Be sure to use Greek oregano for the most authentic result. For a unique serving idea, try a spread of tzatziki, soft pitta bread and crisp romaine salad.

    Recipe by: Diana


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