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    Find recipes that show you how to ferment cabbage and turn it into homemade sauerkraut! Get lots of recipe inspiration on how to use prepared sauerkraut such as soups and pork stews, quick side dishes and salads as well a filling for pierogi. You can even sneak it into a chocolate cake!

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    This is a tart and fresh salad, eaten in Poland during winter months, when fresh vegetables used to be scarce and home cooks would mainly rely on fermented or tinned veg. Packed with vitamin C and natural probiotics, this salad will help you avoid the cold.

    Recipe by: apfel

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    Full of probiotics, this traditionally fermented sauerkraut is a tasty and healthy accompaniment to sandwiches, meats and more.

    Recipe by: olenka

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    A well-loved Polish stew, bigos is full of flavour thanks to a savoury combination of sauerkraut, Polish sausage, beef, pork, red wine and more.

    Recipe by: olenka

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    These Polish dumplings feature traditional potato and sauerkraut fillings; they're a perfect way to use leftover mash. Hearty winter fare!

    Recipe by: TAB

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    A moist and rich chocolate cake with an ingredient that is best kept a secret. Don't be put off - you can't taste the sauerkraut, but it lends a lot of moisture to the cake, and can give the illusion of desiccated coconut, depending on how finely you chop it. Just as some chocolate cakes call for vinegar, this one calls for sauerkraut! Try a coconut icing for the top.

    Recipe by: Jane Hammer

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      Bigos (Polish hunter's stew)

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