Za'atar is a Middle Eastern spice mixture that will transform lots of simple dishes to a whole new level! Try our recipes for pan-roasted za'atar chicken, zaatar flatbread recipes, roasted carrots with homemade za'atar and much more!

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    Like a flan, this is a nice starter or light summery main.

    Recipe by: q043x

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    Not a traditional Levantine recipe by any means, but a delicious take on traditional flavours from the Levant nonetheless. I whip this up in mere minutes and serve with toasted pitta triangles. Guests are always intrigued and ask for the recipe!

    Recipe by: Diana

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    Known as Manakish or Manaaeesh, this Lebanese flatbread is flavoured with zaatar, a Middle Eastern spice mix that is simply delicious. Slice the flatbread into bite-size pieces or wedges for dipping in creamy labneh or houmous.

    Recipe by: cynjne

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    This traditional Lebanese flatbread is full of flavour thanks to za'atar. You can choose to use fresh or dried za'atar, see the footnote below. Gorgeous on its own or served with houmous or labneh.

    Recipe by: Stacey

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    Za'atar is easy to make at home from scratch with just four ingredients. While in Lebanon wild thyme is used, regular thyme from the supermarket or your garden makes a fine substitute. Za'atar refers both to the thyme plant itself, as well as this spice mix.

    Recipe by: Serena

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    Having grown up in the Middle East, we have always had a great influence of Arab cuisine in our household. Manakeesh was always the “holiday breakfast” for all the road trips during the National Day and Eid Holidays. I have fond memories of Dad taking us to this Bakery called Fawaris in Hamriya(Oman) and ordering Manakeesh with Zaatar, Cheese or Meat toppings to go . Watching them bake fresh Manakeesh at this Bakery was a whole new level of foodgasm. I always thought this would be a very complicated recipe BUT it isnt. Few ingredients and an oven and we are good to go !

    Recipe by: ayoodcooks

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    Roasting cauliflower intensifies its flavour. Served with a creamy tahini sauce, this is a simple yet delicious side dish or starter. It's also great as part of a meze spread.

    Recipe by: atsirou

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    Red lentils and bulgur wheat are simmered with tomatoes, carrot juice, za'atar and other spices to create this hearty soup.

    Recipe by: sggeiger

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    Ridiculously simple, yet packed with flavour thanks to a generous amount of za'atar. I like to serve this chicken with a fresh green salad of romaine, red onion and tomato with a tahini-lemon dressing.

    Recipe by: Diana

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    We love za'atar bread but I could never get it quite right, to make a thick coating of za'atar stick, it needs to be mixed with a lot of olive oil and then I find it too greasy. When I recently made the Turkish bread rings simit, which are dipped in diluted pomegranate molasses before baking so the sesame stick nicely to the top I thought the same method should work for za'atar bread - and it does!

    Recipe by: nadia

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