Salsa verde

    Mexican salsa verde, also known as tomatillo salsa, is a staple in every Mexican taqueria! Use it in chicken enchiladas, tacos or simply serve with tortilla chips.

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    If you are lucky enough to get your hands on fresh tomatillos or even a tin or two at a Mexican grocery store - it's well worth making this salsa. Adds a whole new flavour to tacos or fajitas.

    Recipe by: SB

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    Fresh tomatillos are char-grilled till blackened, imparting a smoky flavour that you'll love in this salsa. Serve with tortilla chips, or as an accompaniment to your favourite Mexican meal.

    Recipe by: Sony

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    This is a superb recipe for a fresh green salsa. The avocado gives the dish creaminess, whereas the tomatillo gives the dish tartness. It's the perfect balance.

    Recipe by: DOGMAbarbecue

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    This green dip is delicious when served with salsa and tortilla chips. It's made with avocados, tomatoes, tomatillos, garlic, chillies, coriander and soured cream.


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    These tangy black bean and salsa verde tacos take only minutes to make and are flavourful and delicious!

    Recipe by: Courtney LeClaire

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    This flavour-packed salsa is completely different than the tomato-based salsas. It has an unforgettable combination of chillies, tomatillos, coriander, garlic and lime. Adjust the heat according to your taste.

    Recipe by: bignanners

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    Corn tortillas are filled with shredded chicken and baked in a creamy green tomatillo sauce. The 'suizas' sauce is Spanish for 'Swiss', a nod to its creaminess.

    Recipe by: Yema

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    Festive nachos made with leftover roast turkey, cranberry sauce, green salsa and fresh coriander.

    Recipe by: Betty Soup

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    In this Mexican dish pork shoulder is cooked till it's so tender it can be shredded, then mixed with a green tomato and ancho chilli sauce and used as a filling for tamales.

    Recipe by: AnaMarĂ­a

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    Fast and delicious Mexican green tomato sauce with chillies and coriander, to serve with enchiladas and other dishes.

    Recipe by: Yema

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