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    Find easy vegan pancake and crepe recipes that are perfect for breakfast or brunch including vegan chocolate chip pancakes, vegan pumpkin pancakes, vegan muesli pancakes and more!

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    A light fluffy pancake, that is suitable for vegans and allergy sufferers. Gluten free flour is available in most supermarkets now. Add whatever you want to these, blueberries, choc chips, walnuts, or sprinkle with fruit and agave nectar.

    Recipe by: playtime

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    Super quick and easy vegan banana pancakes. I mash the bananas with a fork so the mixture is extra thick for super doughy pancakes, but mash with a potato masher or even in a food processor for a smoother mix. Tastes fab with vegan chocolate spread - I use Plamil® chocolate spread.

    Recipe by: SophieHarper

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    Tasty and nutritious, with oats, cinnamon and apple. Great for breakfast on a cold morning, or pour a vegan butterscotch topping over them to turn them into a dessert.

    Recipe by: kittykat19891

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    A simple vegan recipe that's delicious and filling. This recipe is topped with fresh spiced fruit and fresh lemon juice for a truly invigorating flavour.

    Recipe by: VeganNigerian

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    A sweet and sticky vegan pancake cake that is perfect for Shrove Tuesday. Made from layers of pancakes, cherry jam and almond cream, it is a wonderful centrepiece for Pancake Day.

    Recipe by: vegetarianyogi

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    This is fantastic way to use up any kimchi you may have. It also makes a delicious and easy starter for a dinner party.

    Recipe by: Ann Lee

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    These simple vegan pancakes have added oats and flaxseed and taste great!

    Recipe by: GRANOLA

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    I made these egg-free crepes for my family one weekend morning when there was practically nothing in the house except for flour and milk. You can use a plant-based milk and oil instead of butter to make them vegan.

    Recipe by: Lucy

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    Dairy and egg free vegan pancakes made with a combination of spelt and oat flours. Add blueberries or any other berry. Chopped apples also work a treat.

    Recipe by: bonlav

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    These vegan pancakes can be topped or filled savoury with pan-fried spinach for a starter or sweet with strawberry rhubarb compote for dessert.

    Recipe by: Claudia_theimer

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