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    Take any salad to new heights with an easy homemade vinaigrette salad dressing. Vinaigrette is easy to make and cheaper than shop-bought. Try recipes for a French Dijon vinaigrette, raspberry vinaigrette and basil vinaigrette, to name a few.

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    This recipe is delicious when asparagus is in season during the spring.

    Recipe by: DJFoodie

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    This is a fresh and colourful vegetable salad with a mustardy vinaigrette.

    Recipe by: CHRISTYJ

    340 reviews

    Terrific salad dressing for all salads - especially great for use on cabbage salads. Everyone who has had the dressing wants the recipe.

    Recipe by: Dieter Weber

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    Pecans, asparagus and smoked salmon are lovely mixed together with a delicate dressing in this quick and easy salad that works well as a side or as a light main.

    Recipe by: MOMMYBENNETT

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    This vinaigrette is pretty zingy - the fresh garlic is spicy and the lemon is tart. Make a salad of delicate lettuces with orange and grapefruit segments, or try it on fresh tomato and avocado chunks.

    Recipe by: alwayshungry

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    I was once called upon to make a vinaigrette for asparagus. But the cupboard was almost bare, with the only suitable ingredients found being olive oil infused with lemon and "Balsamico Bianco di Modena", a white balsamic vinegar. Well, with the help of a little Dijon mustard the vinaigrette turned out exceptionally tasty and this set me thinking: "is this the basis of the perfect vinaigrette?". Over the intervening period I've varied the ingredients and their relative proportions and I have now settled on a vinaigrette that meets my requirements of fine taste with a little added extra. The two major variations on a standard vinaigrette are firstly, to cut the olive oil half-and-half with sunflower seed oil, giving an overall lighter taste and consistency. Secondly, the usual wine vinegar is replaced with a combination of white wine vinegar + white balsamic vinegar + lemon juice, with the balsamic adding a sweet aura to the overall acidity. There is a nice citrus tang that lingers.

    Recipe by: Norro

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    A healthy salad with a delicious orange juice vinaigrette.

    Recipe by: CHRISTYJ

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    Mixed green salad served with a vinaigrette made with fresh herbs - a quick side dish that can be served with any meal. Making your own dressing might seem hard, but it really couldn't be easier!

    Recipe by: Christine

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    Try this quick homemade dressing to perk up any salad.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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    This is a tangy mustard vinaigrette that's easy to make.

    Recipe by: sal

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