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Cabbage is not only delicious, it's low in calories and has several health benefits. We have loads of ways with cabbage, kale and Brussels sprouts from warming winter soups to coleslaw and stir fries.

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This is a delicious cabbage side dish.

Recipe by: JOELSGIRL

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Looking for something new? Try this sweet and sour apple and cabbage side dish.

Recipe by: CHRISTYJ

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Carrots, potatoes, onion and cabbage are simmered together, then pureed to make this super-easy vegetable soup. It's delicious served with soured cream and a crusty roll.

Recipe by: Dan

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Letting the chicken pieces sit for half an hour in a gingery marinade makes all the difference to this curry. Skinning the chicken not only does away with most of the bird's fat, it also lets the spicy flavours really permeate the flesh. Potatoes make a great addition, adding bulk to the curry.

Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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This is a thick and delicious, yet very healthy veggie stew. Even my hubby, who is not a fan of veggies, loves this! Lovely on its own, but also great over rice or a jacket potato!

Recipe by: JessMills

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A Vietnamese-inspired sauce made with coriander, chillies, lime juice, fish sauce and sugar is tossed with rice noodles, cucumber, shredded cabbage and carrots.

Recipe by: JEN

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This is a great recipe if, like me, you always get a tonne of cabbages in your veg box and want to make more than a side dish out of them. If you use really good sausages this is a great informal dinner party dish, and with cheaper ones makes a tasty budget teatime treat!

Recipe by: alliballibee

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A lovely mix of pork fillet and a rich, creamy apple sauce served with sauteed cabbage and bacon. Quick, easy and good enough for entertaining. This is nice served with sauteed potatoes as well or mash. Alternatively, broccoli or green beans work well instead of potato.

Recipe by: Samantha's Supper

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My mum's chow mein recipe which has been slightly adapted... Lovely comfort food! Beef mince, cabbage, noodles and soy. This serves 2 people usually with some leftovers which heats well in the microwave.

Recipe by: Samantha's Supper

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A hearty soup, great for a cold, blustery winter day. It is best cooked one day ahead, refrigerated overnight and heated just before serving.

Recipe by: Carol Fetsco

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