Thai green curry recipes

    Find recipes to make Thai green curry from scratch or if you have a jar of green curry paste - you can have a delicious green curry with lamb, prawns or chicken on the table in mere minutes.

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    This lovely Thai green fish curry is perfect in the slow cooker and always comes our well and bursting with colour and flavour. Serve with rice.

    Recipe by: Barb

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    Lamb meatballs in a Thai green curry coconut milk sauce. Serve over rice. Very simple to make.

    Recipe by: Jon Steiner

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    Quick and easy Thai curry that all my family enjoy. Full of flavour thanks to an easy homemade curry paste. Serve with rice.

    Recipe by: Melanie.

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    This fantastic chicken dish is packed full of flavour. A homemade green curry paste is used in this recipe, which is what makes all the difference. Serve with freshly cooked rice, if desired.

    Recipe by: thaicancook

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    This stir-fry dish is both spicy and aromatic. Add more green curry paste if you dare. Try it with prawns or scallops for a change. Serve with jasmine rice instead of noodles if you prefer.

    Recipe by: SAJA2003

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    Kang khiew wan gai is a Thai green curry made with sliced chicken thighs and small green aubergines.

    Recipe by: kateklab28

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    Served with jasmine rice, this is a fabulous dish. The baby sweetcorn and water chestnuts are a nice addition to your typical green curry. Feel free to use fresh baby sweetcorn instead of tinned.

    Recipe by: PainterCook

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    This curry is wonderfully fragrant. Serve it with jasmine rice and a side dish of Chinese cabbage or broccoli florets stir-fried with garlic and a little soy sauce. Packs of Thai fresh spices that include lemongrass, lime leaves and galangal are available from many large supermarkets.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    This is a wonderful all-in-one dish. The spiciness comes from the green curry paste, which is lightly tamed by the creamy coconut milk. You could also serve the curry over rice, instead of mixing it in with noodles.

    Recipe by: EMILIEJANE

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    This is a recipe I adapted myself after reading through all the others I saw here. This is a milder, and and in my opinion, a much tastier version on this dish.

    Recipe by: SamWilliams

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