Rice pudding recipes (68)

Rice pudding is economical, comforting and delicious, and it's amazing that this simple pud can be prepared in so many different ways. We've dozens of rice puddings to try, from the classic to unique.

Top rice pudding recipes

65 reviews

Simple and tasty just like traditional rice pudding. My mum swears by this recipe and after trying many others myself, I have found this one to be my favourite.

Recipe by: SLSmith86

7 reviews

A classic, comforting pud.

Recipe by: Twylla

2 reviews

If you like rice pudding and cake, this is the recipe for you. Rice pudding is made on the hob, then blended with butter, cream cheese, flour, eggs, raisins and single cream before being baked.

Recipe by: shirleyo

41 reviews

Old fashioned baked rice pudding uses only a minimum of simple ingredients and is warm and comforting on a winter night.

Recipe by: Colvin1

27 reviews

A wonderfully (but still low fat, as this recipe uses skimmed milk) creamy vanilla flavoured rice pudding. Great for all the family, keeps well to put into pots for lunchboxes too.

Recipe by: Rowst

Rice pudding videos

Spanish rice pudding
Spanish rice pudding

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