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    Looking for authentic recipes from Turkey? Try your hand at your own Turkish delight, tava, borek and more.

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    This is so warming and delicious, perfect for colder months and a great pick me up! Consider it the Turkish version of a Jewish chicken soup! Serve with a tablespoon of thick yoghurt drizzled over the top and some black pepper. Enjoy as a starter or on its own with lots of crusty bread.

    Recipe by: Hulya

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    This moist Turkish cake is packed full of orangy goodness and is gluten-free. Whole oranges are simmered until tender, blitzed with eggs, sugar, lemon juice, baking powder and ground almonds, before being baked to perfection.

    Recipe by: bronwengillan

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    Poached eggs in tomato sauce - southern Italian style. An easy and nutritious meal in the absence of meat. The dish links diverse Mediterranean countries, as similar to north African and Israeli shakshuka and Turkish menemen.

    Recipe by: NazarBlue

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    A creamy, spicy and smooth lentil soup perfect for winter. Serve with hot bread, black olives and lemon. This is the traditional way. I prefer to serve it with garlic bread.

    Recipe by: hanecan

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    This is a brilliant vegetarian main course or a great side dish to meat dishes. It originates from Aegean region in Turkey. Also could be served cold as a meze starter.

    Recipe by: ladymidnight

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    This delicious flat bread hails from Turkey. Bazlama is a simple village bread that I learnt in Turkey, where it is cooked in an outdoor oven. In your home it can be made with ease using a heavy cast iron pan on the hob. Best served warm.

    Recipe by: sharwna

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    Make your own Turkish delight and pretend you're on a sunny Turkish holiday!

    Recipe by: JessieD

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    This is my delicious recipe for Turkish baklava, which friends always request I make. The spices are divine!

    Recipe by: PRENSES

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    An easy, straight forward way to create tasty Turkish delight. These also make great gifts for Mother's Day, Valentine's or simply if you want to surprise someone you care about. Try filling up a new mug with the Turkish delight cubes and wrapping with cellophane and a ribbon.

    Recipe by: Tianarose1

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    This is a traditional Turkish Chicken Tava recipe, much loved by all who visit Turkey. This is simple to make and uses everyday ingredients. You've no reason not to try it!

    Recipe by: LADYKNITE

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